Worst 90s Fashion Trends: Don't call it a comeback

Worst 90s Fashion Trends: Don't call it a comeback

The Terrible 90s Fashion Fads are Back, but Don't Believe the Hype!

Check out this list of the most cringe-worthy 90s fashion trends that seriously need to disappear!

         Pelle Pelle Worst 90s Fashion TrendsPelle Pelle French Montana Worst 90s Fashion Trends

The Human Advertisement

In the past, people used to rock logos from head to toe to show off their favorite brands, but things have definitely changed. It's all about what's cool and what you can pull off now! Walking around with another brand's logo all over your clothes not only turns you into a walking ad, but also makes you look downright silly! Unless you're going to an event to show off some team spirit, that's a whole other story. There's no problem rocking the brands you adore, but nowadays peeps often sport their own labels and logos on clothes if they opt for branded gear.

Worn out Birkenstocks Worst 90s Fashion Trends

The Ugly Shoe Trend "Birkenstocks"

So hideous they've achieved hipness status among the fashionably challenged and mostly hipsters. These shoes are sold for their moldable cork bottoms that offer comfort, but what they fail to mention is just how stinky and unsightly they become with use. The Birkenstock shoe should've stayed in the 90s for good.

The Rock in a Turtleneck Worst 90s Fashion Trends

Men in Turtlenecks

No man should ever be caught dead in a turtleneck. This was and is still one of the most wacky 90s unfortunate fashion fads that not even The Rock can live down. 

Low Rise Jeans Worst 90s Fashion Trends

The Low Rise Jeans

The style that's too daring to be comfortable, women would embrace the risky fashion statement from low rise jeans to Juicy Couture Suits. Celebs and skinny millennials would rock their pants down to their booty cracks, with some ladies even daring to hike their g-strings up to their belly buttons. The low rise trend was a fashion fail and a no-no for women's bodies, but let's not dwell on the rearview mirror of fashion history.

90s vinyl worst fashion trends

90's Vinyl 

Vinyl is PVC, one of the crappiest plastics out there. It's made from fossil fuels, which sucks up a ton of energy to produce, and it won't break down naturally.
When vinyl is disposed of, it often gets burned, releasing carbon into the air, or it ends up in oceans or landfills. Over time, it breaks down into micro plastics that find their way into our food and water, causing harm to our liver. I can't fathom why high end designers thought it was a good idea to include this cheap fabric in fashion trends. The shiny stuff seems tacky and doesn't do any favors for the planet. Double thumbs down.

Rock whatever outfit you fancy, but remember, all eyes are on you!

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